Drifting back to the ‘Great Outdoors’

Without sounding like a pretentious profile description created for a social media site, I have always loved the great outdoors, and more specifically the great British countryside.  Growing up in the North East of England, only ten minutes walk from the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors,  the environment shaped me as a person, with the freedom of... Continue Reading →


The SAS Winter Fan Dance – Are you tough enough

I'm always on the search for a new physical challenge, I need a goal of some kind, it stops me feeling like I'm treading water and gives me an excuse for my lack of focus at work.  Over the years I’ve competed in marathons, numerous triathlons including an Ironman, mud runs, obstacle races such as... Continue Reading →

Starting out … Again ..

When writing my blog I didn't really concern myself with the threat of cyber piracy, from faceless hackers, or terminal viruses which could be spewed onto my previous website. OutdoorDad.co.uk was short on opinions, the aim being to inform rather than to preach.  The kit reviews I undertook, were generally complimentary (apart from the prepacked... Continue Reading →

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