Dad, thats not a Vegan burger is it?

Two weeks into Veganuary and the change from life long meateater to vegan is proving more difficult. I'm guessing that coming off meat and dairy is like quitting anything, with the psychological effects being the ones most heavily felt. I've successfully cooked a couple of dishes from the Veganuary website, vegan sausage rolls, and vegan... Continue Reading →


A meat eaters guide to going vegan..

The first few days of life as a vegan have gone well..  As the old saying goes, 'a change is a good as a rest',  the initial radical impact of the different diet has subsided. On the first 'vegan' morning I finished my night shift at work and headed straight to the supermarket to find... Continue Reading →

Dad, Whats a Vegan?

For a little over 40 years I've eaten meat, and lots of it, some good quality, some well sourced, plenty bad quality and badly sourced.  From a fine steak to a simple sausage sandwich, meat has been the fundamental keystone of my diet.  It tastes good, it smells good and surely it has to be... Continue Reading →

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