Goodbye Vegan, Hello Vegetarian

All good things must come to an end, and my monthly challenge to stay on a plant based diet is over.

In all honesty, whilst I gave it a go, I’m glad its now over.

I’ve now taken the decision to go Vegetarian for the remainder of the year, as well, its something to do.  But while I’m convinced that I wont miss meat, missing out on fish and eggs is a step to far… so I guess I am going to be a pescetarian.


noun: pescetaria

1.a person who does not eat meat but does eat fish.

“no red meat, my family are pescatarians”

So heres what I got from switching to a vegan diet:

  • More appreciation of food, what it contains and where it ultimately from.
  • Forced to try more varied recipes
  • Feel healthier,  no chronic indigestion.
  • Feel like I’m making a positive if not small contribution to the global environment.
  • Other peoples pre-conceptions about being vegan providing an opportunity to address the misconceptions.

The downsides of going vegan:

  • Missing the social interaction of eating food together with the family, as I prepare and eat my own menu.
  • Other peoples pre-conceptions about being vegan leading to constant haranguing from Friends, colleagues and even family!
  • 3 teeth fell out, although unsure whether this was complete coincidence or directly attributable.

I’ll see how long I can maintain this diet choice for and record the positive/negative effects.

Please share your experiences of living on a vegan / vegetarian or pescetarian diet and how you have found it…?





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