Dad, thats not a Vegan burger is it?


Two weeks into Veganuary and the change from life long meateater to vegan is proving more difficult.

I’m guessing that coming off meat and dairy is like quitting anything, with the psychological effects being the ones most heavily felt.

I’ve successfully cooked a couple of dishes from the Veganuary website, vegan sausage rolls, and vegan burgers.  Both were chosen with my kids in mind, as I thought that they might be able to enjoy these aswell.

The sausage rolls (main ingredient being the mushrom filling) looked the part, but the kids took one bite and weren’t happy, prompting them to announce, “this isnt sausage , this is mushroom”.

Vegan Sausage Rolls Recipe


A few days later, I spent an hour an a half making vegan burgers, from sweetcorn and chickpeas.

Jamie Oliver’s Vegan Burger Recipe

I tried to disguise them as best as possible with big buns, plenty of salad, sauces and cheese, then served them up for the family meal as homemade burgers.

Wow, great the kids explained,  “it looks a bit yellow”, proclaimed the youngest, a stray sighting of burger being reveled through the salad.  “Are these vegans burgers Dad?”,  “No, no, course not, just eat them up” I demanded.  To no avail, after one bite each, a 9 and 6 year old knew when they were being duped, and my attempt to pass off my homemade burgers had failed.

Food should be a social activity and in our house it most definately is, with most meals still eaten at the table, providing a chance to all sit down and catch up.     I’ve now changed to eating meals alone and making my own vegan meals alongside the family meat based meal.  So onwards and upwards through Veganuary, it really is taking some effort to achieve..

Let me know your ups and downs of being vegan…and thanks for reading


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