A meat eaters guide to going vegan..

The first few days of life as a vegan have gone well..  As the old saying goes, ‘a change is a good as a rest’,  the initial radical impact of the different diet has subsided.

On the first ‘vegan’ morning I finished my night shift at work and headed straight to the supermarket to find some food which was neither meat nor dairy nor fish.

Between scanning the ingedients list of potential products and googling ‘is (numerous food stuffs) vegan?’ I eventually got a small trolleys worth of vegan friendly items.

I was pleasantly surprised that there was plenty of stuff I actually recognised and would already eat.  The instagram page of Accidentally Vegan did help in finding everyday foodstuff which just happen to be vegan.  Good to know I can still enjoy peanut butter, jam and marmite.

The foodstuffs which I’ve never tried include Soya and tofu, which seem to constitute a lot of the alternatives such as milk and butter.

Salt and Pepper Tofu

Listed below are the good and bad things I’ve learnt about changing to a Vegan diet...


  • Great support online from a variety of sources including:

Vegan Society        A wealth of info around vegan food and difficulties faced

http://www.barnivore.com           An essential website which indicates whether specfic beers and wines are vegan, no Guiness for me, but Doom Bar is still in.

Veganuary                Of course a must vist site, which provides much needed support and information around starting out in Veganism.

  • Less intensive commercial farming its great for the environment
  • Obviously its pretty good for the world’s animals
  • Great for your health – supposedly, although it does take some work to fulfil a completely balanced diet from a plant based diet.
  • The debate and discussion it provokes – becoming a vegan is certainly a talking point, its amazing to find that what you eat really concerns other people.
  • Well labelled food – The food industry now has to provide responsible labelling.  Allergens are in bold and reiterated elsewhere.  Most products will indicate if they are Vegetarian and many will show if they are Vegan friendly.


  • From a personal point of view I can no longer eat meat, milk or eggs, ok, I guess thats the point so you have to get over that.
  • More time required initially to fathom out what you can and can’t eat.
  • Difficulty in ensuring a good balanced diet is created, containing sufficient protein and certain essential vitamins.
  • The grief you get from all the established meat eaters, which would have been myself in the past.  Working in a hardened, male orientated, working class environment doesnt help.

How to Start

  • Do your research, the internet being a great source of valuable information and recipes.
  • Be open minded,see it as a great opportunity to try new food.

Thanks for reading, and let me know your thoughts ….




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