Dad, Whats a Vegan?

For a little over 40 years I’ve eaten meat, and lots of it, some good quality, some well sourced, plenty bad quality and badly sourced.  From a fine steak to a simple sausage sandwich, meat has been the fundamental keystone of my diet.  It tastes good, it smells good and surely it has to be good for you, with all that protein stuffed in it?.  In recent years I’ve become more mindful of where my food is coming from and whats in it, leading me to cut down on meat, especially the nasty processed stuff that has been getting increased bad press.


For 2016 my plan was to aim to be a part vegetarian, sort of cut red meat, stick with fish and maybe some chicken.  I wouldnt make a fuss over it, so if somene had cooked meat I would eat in but given the choice I’d look for an alternative.

That plan all changed when I watched a film called Cowspiracy , now I’d heard good things about the film and with a keen interest in the environment and effects of meat production on the planet, I watched with interest.  The statistics from the film were staggering:

A week later I came across an article online about VEGANUARY, whereby people were becoming vegan for the month of January, akin to growing a moustache for Novemeber (ticked) and stopping alcohol in October (ticked).

Once the preserve of sandal wearing hippies smoking strange tobacco, going vegan is now more popular than ever.  The United Nations has even put out report about the need for a meat free diet to address the potential impact of global food shortages:

UN report into a meat free diet

Im slightly late to the party, I should have gone vegan january 1st, so I’ve just had my last non vegan meal until the end of the month, a chicken curry, although I had to pick the chicken out of it .

Tomorrow morning my foray into vegansim begins in fury?

Be great to here your comments, whether you are a committed vegan already or a hardened meat eater like myself…


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