Catapult memories

Harking back to my childhood in the mid 80s the Black Widow Catapult was quite literally the weapon of choice for the tough kids from the estate.


Local urban myth had it that said catapult was an illegal weapon, banned by the government, anyone found with one would be expelled at best, sent to a Siberian salt mine for 10 years hard labour at worst. Being a good lad who shied away from any trouble, I never did procure one.   30 years later, and able now to hide behind the cover of responsible parent, upstanding community member, respected public servant etc etc, ebay provided me with the perfect gift. Unwrapped in haste and the beauty was in my hands… well constructed and ready to use, coming complete with 10 ballbearing shots, each one 8mm in diameter.

My eldest son O, was keen to get cracking, whilst his younger brother was happy just to peer out of his bedroom window in between lego construction to mock our attempts.

For something so simple the rewards are big, hitting the target reaping the greatest satisfaction. The sweet sound of metal ball on tin can the sweet smell of success!


My go to excuse for investing time and money in numerous activities and related accoutrements is that I can share the experience with my boys.

At the age of 41 I believe your never too old to live out your ‘boys own’ aspirations, especially when sharing it with your ‘own boys’.

Look forward to hearing about how you share your childhood memories with your own kids?



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