Drifting back to the ‘Great Outdoors’

Without sounding like a pretentious profile description created for a social media site, I have always loved the great outdoors, and more specifically the great British countryside.  Growing up in the North East of England, only ten minutes walk from the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors,  the environment shaped me as a person, with the freedom of the hills so accessible to escape to or explore.

Roseberry Topping

denrope swingWith a simple upbringing, without the modern technological distractions that exist today,  getting ‘out’ and exploring was part of growing up, whether the days meaningful task was to build a dam, create a den or to swing on a ‘tarzie’.

Whilst I am definitely no luddite, rather someone who has always embraced technological advances, now more than ever the importance of embracing the natural world is paramount.  In order to keep in touch with who we really are, we need to remember what is responsible for our very existence.
I am a pretty average guy, with pretty average life who everyone so often steps out of the box and wants to push the envelope. zombie I’m not preparing for of an imminent zombie apocalypse, or world social collapse, but rather seeking to reaffirm my connection with ‘the great outdoors’ and share the experience with others..

My father introduced me to the finer details of the countryside, on long weekend walks, highlighting the surrounding aspects of nature.  He showed me the various trees and plants, showed me the different birds, taught me to read a map and use a compass.  In a world where are natural ways are being lost I intend to do the same for my two young boys.   With a balanced and measured approach,  I hope to ensure that a love of the outdoors will stay with them forever.  Whether to immerse ourselves among it or drift in and out as circumstances permit. I most certainly have drifted in and out, but am definitely drifting in now, with the help of my two boys for this journey.
This blog will aim to capture that journey, and with it share the thoughts and ideas which will make it a success aswell as the obvious trials and tribulations along the way which will aim to derail it.

The challenge is to keep an interest in the outdoors as long, and who knows if or when the apocalypse comes this average suburban family might just be ready!?

Winter Wood 2015, Kent




It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.” ….. Michael Stipe


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