Make winter hiking with kids a great experience

Long dark nights and cold miserable days aren't often conducive with getting out and about with the kids.  Looking out the window and having another coffee seems more appealing, especially if the kids are engrossed in their own indoor play. With some extra effort a good hike outdoors will bring so much more satisfaction for... Continue Reading →


10 Great British ‘Modern’ Adventurers

For hundreds of Years the Great British Adventurer stood as testament to the birth of a developing nation. From Captain Cook to Sir Francis Drake to Stanley, the thirst for adventure resonated throughout the national psyche. Around the turn of the twentieth century trade routes began opening up across the globe with a list of... Continue Reading →

What is a ‘Dad’venture?

I'm not unique in getting hold of the term Dadventure, but I am keen to attach it to my blog as I feel it fits with what I'm trying to achieve. The esteemed Author and Adventurer Al Humphries has coined the phrase #microadventure to describe an adventure that is short, simple, local, cheap – yet... Continue Reading →

Wales – 6 Best Dadventures

Keen to promote the growing advenuture touism business globally and put Wales firmly on the map, the Welsh Government announced that 2016 would be its 'Year of Adventure'. Official Adventure Ambassadors; Bear Grylls, Richard Parks, Maria Leijerstam and Tori James have been spreadng the word and inspiring others to follow in their footsteps. Having spent... Continue Reading →

Dad, thats not a Vegan burger is it?

Two weeks into Veganuary and the change from life long meateater to vegan is proving more difficult. I'm guessing that coming off meat and dairy is like quitting anything, with the psychological effects being the ones most heavily felt. I've successfully cooked a couple of dishes from the Veganuary website, vegan sausage rolls, and vegan... Continue Reading →

Dad, Whats a Vegan?

For a little over 40 years I've eaten meat, and lots of it, some good quality, some well sourced, plenty bad quality and badly sourced.  From a fine steak to a simple sausage sandwich, meat has been the fundamental keystone of my diet.  It tastes good, it smells good and surely it has to be... Continue Reading →

Catapult memories

Harking back to my childhood in the mid 80s the Black Widow Catapult was quite literally the weapon of choice for the tough kids from the estate. Local urban myth had it that said catapult was an illegal weapon, banned by the government, anyone found with one would be expelled at best, sent to a... Continue Reading →

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